Monster in Law

I found in The English Blog a weird piece of news about a lady who sent an email to her future step-daughter in law after having hosted her in her house for a week. The soon to be bride sent the email to some of her friends, who also resent it and thus it became viral.

This is what I’m going to do with this news. It’s appropriate for advanced students.


We write these this question on the whiteboard and let them start a discussion:

How do you behave when you are a guest at somebody’s?

Then we continue with this one and compare their answers this time, they could be different:

What do you expect from your guests?


  • We start watching the movie trailer for Monster in Law (2005) as a lead in for a discussion about in-laws. We can help them first with vocabulary about personality, character and language to express opinion, agreement, disagreement. Notwithstanding, we are handling with an advanced levels, so students shouldn’t need much help at this point.

  • Now we are going to see the news on a video. The langague is difficult, so we can play it 2-3 times and help them understand with guided questions.
    • Who is mentioned in the video?
    • What happens?
    • Which opinions are given?

  • The rest of the task can be done in class or at home, they have to read the email and create an appropriate answer to it, pretending they are the recipient of the famous letter.
  • If we think it’s necessary, we can analyse the style of the written text, approaching both form and language. We can also elicit from them how they think the answer should be.

In the mean time they can even visit a website which includes the email, pictures of the actual wedding and a page with other in-laws stories.

27.09.2012: This is a revision of a post published a year ago, but as the links didn’t work anymore I had to rearrange it.


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