Sálvame – How to make a boring debate more vivid

 Some weeks ago I organised a debate about “The media” in my advanced class:

A teacher, a student, a hairdresser, and a broker among others had to discuss about the topic. But when they started working after their preparatory stage, I thought I was in a funeral. Then I told my students that could imagine they were participating in a TV programme, and one of them replied: “Like Sálvame*?” And I answered: “Yes, that’s the spirit.” Since that very moment everything changed, one of them even stood on his chair to make his opinion heard. When the activity was in its highest point, one student who was late, very late, walked into the classroom. He was puzzled, he couldn’t believe his eyes and didn’t understand what was going on.

For once I can say: “I ♥ trash TV”.

*Sálvame is a very popular TV gossip show in Spain where everybody speaks at the same time and everybody expresses their opinion in a very emphatic way.


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