Initial Questionnaire

Every year we have to meet new students from different backgrounds. One of the best ways to get to know them is to ask them to fullfill a questionnaire. Our questionnaire can be used to ask everything we need to know them and to adapt our teaching practice to their needs.

I love questionnaires and my students usually take some of them during the academic year: at the beginning, after two or three months, after the first term and and the end of the course.

These questionnaires are also a part of the assessment data I collect and they usually give us information we could have never thought of: they might answer that we explain too fast, that they don’t like certain kinds of activities or other circumstances we haven’t been able to detect.

This is a link to the questionnaire I’m using this year. I would like to know if somebody else uses these kinds of questionnaires and, if possible, to see other examples. This questionnaire is also multipurpose, as students are encouraged to write long answers. This way they can start writing in English again after their summer break and we can have evidence to start with our initial evaluation.

Finally, I would like to link an interesting article that makes us think about what we do at the beginning of the course. I found it on Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom.


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