Storybird: making writing fun, easy and beautiful

 Writing is probably the most hated skill for foreign language learners. It takes a lot of time, they find it extenuating because they do not see the use of it and, in general, they take our assignments as a useless burden they have to go through in order to get a mark.

The key word here is motivation. And probably Storybird could help motivating students to create stories and become a bit more fond of writing. Storybird is a means to connect people through stories. It is inspirational,collaborative, creative, global, viral, and instantaneous.

It is also useful for teachers, creating short stories to teach grammar points in a communicative way. Not sure about it? Take a look at this story written to explain routines and habits in the past. Its a bit childish, I know, but very effective.

If you give it a try yourself or with your students, leave a comment with your experience, your story or your troubles. I’m sure our colleagues would appreciate to learn from you, read your creations and even those of your stories. Remember: sharing is fun and rewarding!


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