12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I came accross this article today on my facebook wall and I saw I could use it in class in that very moment.

By only reading its title, 12 Things Happy People Do Differently, you know it’s going to be great. The article can be found on Marc and Angel Hack Life and it’s full of other articles dealing with similar topics.

Every now and then I enjoying using activites that can cheer my students up, without having any special language purpose, though this article can be used to practise imperatives, but that’s far too easy for my B2 guys. This is my activity:

Level: B1 and above

Language:  imperatives

Skills: reading, writing, speaking

Grouping: small groups of 3-4 students

Timing: 1hour

Materials: This is un unplugged lesson, you only need the whiteboard, paper, pens, and a copy of the article per student.

Step 1

Write the title of the article on the whiteboard and ask them to brainstorm what they think that suits the topic. Then ask them to form small groups of 3-4 students and ask them to write a list with 12 items. They have 20 minutes for this.

Step 2

Every group has to share their ideas with the whole class, at the end, we develop our own class list with the most repeated items or through a votation if we don’t reach an agreement. (20 minutes)

Step 3

We give students the copy of the article, let them read it carefully and ask them to share their feelings. I’m sure the class list will differ a lot from the original one. After reading, we can ask them if they wish to make any changes on the class list. (20 minutes). If we don’t want to make the activity very long, we can ask them to read jsut the headlines, they can read the rest of the article at home.

Follow up

We can ask them to prepare a display with their list, I’m sure the advice given can be pretty useful for all of us.


3 thoughts on “12 Things Happy People Do Differently

  1. Hi Eva – great post and happy new year btw

    I think it was a really good idea you had to only show the article at the end. At first sight I thought of things I might actively do everyday to make myself happier – things like read a good book or stop checking my email so often etc etc

    So your lesson has loads of scope, while the article you link to is a little abstract. How about ditching the article completely and go with say… – Suggets 5 ways of changing your everyday life that would make you happier. Here are my five:

    1. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
    2. Once a week I’m going to try and cook something new
    3 Try not to be too grumpy when the kids are getting on top of me
    4. Stop worrying about things that don’t concern me or my family
    5. Read some great blog posts like this one 🙂


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