Love Idioms

Ready for St. Valentine‘s? I am, I always am. This year I don’t want to spend a whole lesson (2 hours) with the same topic, but I don’t want to avoid the subject either. This is what I’m going to do:

Level: B1 and above.

Skills: speaking, reading.

Grouping: Groups of 3-4 students

Timing: 60-70 minutes, depending on the number of students you have.

Materials: Photocopies of the set below.

Activity 1

20′: Ask them to write down their definition of love, then ask them to read them before the whole class. Try to write down the class definition, which will shown on the class display.

Activity 2


10′: Ask students if they’re interested in celebrities gossip and ask them about the latest news about love affairs, breakups, etc. Now we are ready to start with the acitivity.

Step 1

5′: Divide the class in 2 groups. Group A will be given the text (one per student), group B will be given a set of cards. Subdivide both groups until there are 3-4 students in each one. Those with the set of cards should have a set per group.

Step 2

15′: Group A has to decide definitions for each expression in bold letters, group B has to do the same, but without the text.

Step 3

10′:Form new groups with students from A and B mixed, and ask them to negotiate meaning.

Step 4

10′: Check with the whole class if they could find out the meaning of all words. Ask them if they know more idioms or expressions related to love and complete the list given.

For this acitvity, we need a text found on the website St George International. Feel free to download it. If you try the activity, why don’t you let us know how it worked?


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