Say Something Nice

I came across this video a couple of days ago and I knew it was my thing immediately. The idea is very simple, a megaphone is placed in New York with a note saying “Say Something Nice”. Well, I have a couple of ideas to use this in class, but I’m sure it can be exploited in many different ways.

Idea 1

Show the video and ask them to do the same. As easy as that.

Idea 2

I work in a school where other 4 teachers are working at the same time with different groups of students. The idea is swapping teachers for 10-15 minutes and break into a class saying: ‘I’m going to give you the opportunity to express yourself, stand up in turns and say something nice.” If they don’t dare in the first place, we can help them with our own example. The video can be shown at the end of the activity.

I’m using the second idea, I think surprise is always a good option.

The video is part of a project and you can visit its creators at Improv Everywhere.


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