Serialized stories by Macmillan and onestopenglish

Photo courtesy of Flikr by Ian Hayhurst

The Macmillan readers team in collaboration with the onestopenglish team have launched a series of audio serializations at different levels. The series has seven titles so far and growing, and for each title we can download the audio for every episode, together with a lesson plan, transcript and sometimes follow-up activities. There’s only one catch, not all of them are available for non-registered users, although some of them are.

My first impulse was to give my students the link so they could do this on their own but on second thoughts I’ve decided I’m going to do it in class. I am tempted by the idea of having an ongoing story shared by the whole class, I think it can be motivating, that most people love to be told stories, and there’s also something highly addictive about being left on a cliffhanger, forced to wait until the next episode to know what will happen next, we hate it and love it at the same time!
The story I’ve chosen to start with is Owl Hall by Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield, which seems suitable for my group of young pre-intermediate students. We will do an episode every week.
The activity will provide intensive listening practice, also speaking practice as before each new episode I will ask them to retell the story so far, and writing practice because after each episode I’ll ask them to write in our class blog what they think will happen next.

Hopefully if they do get interested in the story it will give them something to be looking forward to.
I’ll tell you how it went with my class, and if you have more ideas on how to use these stories please post a comment!


3 thoughts on “Serialized stories by Macmillan and onestopenglish

  1. I can’t think of a better idea, Carmen. We might do something more complicated during the first lesson, like extensive comprehension or using the lesson plans provided, but then we can use them as a short activity to boost their listening skills. I’ve been surfing through the site and I’ve chosen a horror story for advanced level. Horror stories are always gripping.

  2. Sure they are, Owl Hall is a mystery story too, at intermediate level the options are Owl Hall or The Secret Garden, which is a beautiful and inspiring story but the chances are they already know it and if they do it renders the activity pointless

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