The Artistifier

Cristina Monti has shared this useful tool with us in our facebook group:

The recent success of the film ‘The Artist‘ seems to have created a lot of interest in silent black and white movies again. These kinds of movies are great for using with students: now you can create your own B&W silent movies using The Artistifier and any clip that you can find on YouTube.

I’ve tried it myself and the results are spectacular. Here you can see a little example of what you can do.

In class I think you can use The Artistifier in many different ways. I’m thinking of showing the site to my students and tell them how it works and ask them to create their own video.

Our mate Iván Conte suggests we can work on body language with it, and thinks this tool can be useful with elementary students.

If you have any other suggestion, please leave your ideas in the comments section, we are eager to see what else we can do.


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