Ireland (Activity for St. Patrick’s Day)

This year I’m teaching Avanzado 2 students, they are doing their last year and don’t want to waste their time, they just want to finish their studies at our school and obtain their certificate. That’s why choosing activities is somehow difficult for me, and I have to adapt them and sometimes disguise them as something different. Yes, I cheat.

Well, this is my idea for them. It’s very easy and doesn’t need much preparation and at the same time I give them what they want: listening and speaking. We could do some writing with a follow-up acitivity, as writing a description, but I’m going to skip it.

TIMING: 1 HOUR (depending on the number of students)


Ask students what they know about Ireland: Geographical situation, facts, places, food, music, etc. I’m pretty sure they won’t say much, apart from those who know the country.


  • We are going to watch 5 videos of Ireland, they take about 16 minutes and I’m going to ask them to take notes to prepare a 5-minute speech (this is like one of the parts of their final exam).
  • Finally we are going to present the different speeches. Depending on the number of students, we’ll do it in small groups or individually, before the whole class.

We’ll finish with a karaoke version of Molly Malone.

You can find all the videos under this link.


4 thoughts on “Ireland (Activity for St. Patrick’s Day)

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