100 Top First World Problems

Our mate Luis Msánchez suggested we could use a video with the same title of this post on our facebook group and this is how I used it. It’s supposed to be a warmer.

I recommend you to watch the video before reading the activity, so that you understand.

Level: B1 and above.

Skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing.

Aim: oral fluency, motivation, fun.

Grouping: Groups of 3-4 students, whole class

Timing: 40 minutes

Materials: Youtube video, projection equipment, pc.


Write down this sentence on the whiteboard: “100 Top First World Problems” and ask them to form groups of 3-4 students. They have to discuss and write a list of problems.


Ask a member of each group to read their list. These are the problems they will mention: famine, economical crisis, unemployment, crime, obesity…


Now tell them you are going to show them the real list. They expect something similar to what they wrote, of course. When they see the video, they feel puzzled and just laugh.


Play the video again and ask them to write down the problems they share with the speaker. Try to give examples of your own problems.


Ask them to read the problems they feel identified with, give examples, try to find possible solutions, etc.


Brainstorm with them other problems they might have and which are similar to the ones presented on the video. With the results you can make your own list. You can read the list of our class under this link which leads you to the blog of our school.


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