This is what I wrote for my students today. I post it here as well, I’m sure you’ll find the idea useful too.

English in Guía

After watching the three last minutes of the film Sleepless in Seatle I decided to listen to its soundtrack for the hundreth time in my life. And when I heard A Kiss to Build a Dream OnI suddenly remembered the infinitive structures we had been dealing with some weeks ago.

When I was a student I had a never-failing technique to memorise new structures, and it was trying to remember sentences from songs which included the structures I had to learn.

Remember, for example, that some weeks ago we used the song How to Save a Life from The Fray to learn inversion.

Well, what I wanted to tell you is that you can use the song A Kiss to Build a Dream On to learn infinitive structures, especially those ending with a preposition. I know they drive you crazy.

If you don’t know this song yet, it’s time…

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