In Spain we all know who Christopher Columbus was, what he did and when. So this activity needs no previous introduction for our students. I’ve prepared this activity with an article published by NBC News last year. I have to thank Israel Arochena for sharing the article on facebook.

This is how it goes.

TIME: 30 minutes

LANGUAGE: general vocabulary, modal verbs for deduction

LEVEL: B2 or higher


Ppt with the sentences given in the article published by the NBC.
Cards with correct information.

You can also download the original article here.


Ask for 5 volunteers, they are going to receive all the information. Give each a card and tell read them thoroughly, trying to understand all the vocabulary given. They can even try to reasearch the topic on internet using their mobile phones. When they are done, they can join the other students with cards to share the information given.

The rest of the class will be divided in groups of 3-4 people. They are going to read each of the sentences of the powerpoint and will be given 3 minutes to discuss them. They have to guess if they are true or false and justify their answers. Every t3 minutes the teacher will change the slide with a different sentence.

Groups have to share with the whole group what they have worked out and contrast what they think with what the students with all the information are going to tell them about these sentences.


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