Simple past vs Present Perfect

This activity is thought as a revision warmer for preintermediate students. It’s meant to be short and dynamic. Other activities like this one involve the students filling gaps and deciding which tense they have to use, but this is not the case. These sentences contain information which is especially “local” for the Canary Islands (carnival, beach), so feel free to change anything if you wish.

Level: Pre-intermediate

Contents: past simple vs. present perfect

Skills: speaking, reading

Time: 15 minutes

STEP 1: Revise with your students the differences between these two tenses orally, asking them to give examples.

STEP 2: Explain to them that they are going to read some sentences and will have to “find someone who” among their classmates. Encourage them to ask some follow up questions using the first example:

       Find someone who got ill during carnival.

Follow up: “What happened to you? Did you go to the doctor?”


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