Help your students with their speaking tests

If you ask your students how they feel about their speaking tests, the answer is usually “terrified”.

Apart from constant class practice, students need to prepare on their own or with other classmates or speakers of English. This is the list of resources I elaborated for my B2 students this year:

  • Watch these videos of students taking their English exams, revise the teachers’ notes and try to improve your skills.
  • Watch these videos by the British Council, they give you advice about what to do and what not to do during your speaking test.
  • Saro Rosales, a teacher at EOI Las Palmas GC wrote an article for her students giving advice for the speaking test, don’t miss it.
  • Would you like to do a language exchange? Here you have a list of sites where you can do them.
  • Intercambio de idiomas, a website where you can find out about places to practise English with other learners and native speakers. People gather together to practise while having a drink.
  • Here you are a list of the topics you might be asked about during your exams.
  • Finally, here you have a list I wrote for my students back in 2009,

Finally, this is the list of topics they should work with if they want to succeed.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

topics for speaking test



Photopeach es una herramienta web para crear pases de diapositivas con música y contempla la posibilidad de crear tests online. Tienen también un apartado para profesores.

Es muy fácil de usar y se le puede añadir música de vídeos musicales de youtube. El resultado es espectacular, sobre todo si tenemos en cuenta que el tiempo que se emplea cortísimo. Esta es la presentación que yo misma hice para despedir el curso.

Este es un ejemplo de unos alumnos utilizando Photopeach con pizarra digital: